App Recommendations for the Week of 2/3/2014

Once again there are a terrific group of worthwhile new apps to recommend.  For the younger set I found an app that utilizes music and language concepts as the figures are moved gathering eggs, and performing engaging tasks such as opening/closing windows, causing it to rain, gathering eggs into a basket etc. The songs, characters and tasks are all charming and inviting. Your child will be repeatedly drawn to this app as you discuss the concepts and reinforce the learning.  It is called Itsy Bitsy Spider HD by Duck Duck Moose.  Slightly more complex is Monkey Pre-School Fix-It, by Thup Games.  It requires the child to match shapes, colors, letters and patterns while giving rewards along the way.  The monkey who acts as the chaperone is quite adorable.  This app is free and a find!

Grandma’s Kitchen, by Fairlady Media , covers a wider variety of ages.  Videos are embedded affectively and there is some nice direction following skills necessary here.  The concepts change all the time keeping the interest level  is kept high.  A good find too!  Enjoy…

Written by imspeech3