App Recommendations for the Week of 6/2/14

Hello All,

    With school winding down apps,more that ever, can provide a valuable time to enjoyably review language concepts.  I have several  to recommend!
WH Expert2, Reading Comprehension Skills for Struggling Readers targets the basic building blocks of comprehensions. It is targeted to children in Grade 2 and above who can
decode, but have difficulty understanding what they read.
Toca Boca, previously mentioned with terrific apps, has just introduced a highly creative, brand new app.  It is Toca Boca House and it targets children 5 and under.  The graphics are tremendously detailed allowing for lots of language, sequential activity and spatial relation re-enforcement.  This one will stack up well with all your other Toca Boca apps. ENJOY!
PS.  Parents Magazine just rated two previous recommendations highly: Grandma’s Kitchen and The Monster at The End of the Book
       If you are unfamiliar, they are both great purchases.

Ilene M. Refkin, MA CCC Pediatric Speech Pathologist
Written by imspeech3