App Recommendations for the Week of 7/2/2014

The month of July brings children who have been playing outside in the heat enjoying the iPad  to relax after a full day.  The following two Apps offers are both engaging and valuable uses of a tired child’s relaxation time with a parent. For the school aged child, by Smarty Ears, Language Adventures is a board game format where the participants spin a dice by pressing on it and move their marker.  They follow the direction and answer a language question including synonyms, comprehension, spatial relations or abstractions. You can control the level of difficulty and have the question repeated. The format is a big hit and children benefit enormously from the material. The duration of the entire game is 5-7 minutes. Perfect for a tired child!

For the pre-schoolers, Let’s Go to the Zoo by BelugaBloo is an entertaining trip to the zoo in which the child interactively is introduced to concepts all along the way.  They will engage in activities for colors, shapes, letters, spatial relations and direction following. They always ask for more.

This app is also perfect for a summertime learning experience. Enjoy!

Written by imspeech3