Spring 2017 App Recommendations

Happy Spring!!  There have been some wonderful new additions to the children’s app market over the winter months.  One of my favorites is for the young Builder in your life.  It is the newest adventure by Fairlady Media, Build With Grandpa.  This language packed app lets you have a day on a job site.  From demolition to finishing the work, each fun activity takes you through a step in the building process.  They include educational games, puzzle solving, a word puzzle, sequencing, educational videos, and wonderfully presented vocabulary.  Your child will be delighted to:
                      Design blueprints
                      Pick out equipment
                      Run a cement mixer
                      Clear a lot with a bulldozer
                      Install windows, paint and finish a house
The interaction activities are engaging and leave room for lots of wonderful story telling. Enjoy!

In addition, Virtualspeechcenter.com is offering 30% many of its critical thinking apps for problem solving, reasoning and critical thinking skills for the older child.

Finally, be sure to check out my favorite, MyPlayhome App. They have recently expanded it to include two houses now.  The new, more modern addition, has even more details for lots of great expansive language, vocabulary and storytelling.  Remember to keep your IPad time interactive and language enhanced. Happy Spring!

Written by imspeech3