Summer 2017 App Recommendations

Hello All,
   Summer is fast approaching and of course there are some wonderful new apps available to enrich the lives of our little ones.

  Tom The Tow Truck: Drive in Car City by Mini Mango will be a popular choice.
      You will go for a drive in Car City with Tom the Tow Truck and come to the rescue
  of all his vehicle friends.  Drive along the roads and have fun in Tom’s garage.  Wherever
  you go, you will find great vehicles that need washing or repairs or you will interact with all
  the neighborhood helpers and their functions.  Lots of why/ because questions are answered,
  Vocabulary is introduced and sequential stories enhance your child’s language abilities.

Puzzingo Puzzles is a wonderful puzzle app that has a free version as well as a pay portion.
It opens to a home screen with a clown and playful circus music.  Clicking on the clown allows
children to choose a category that they would like to play.  The free version has two available categories.  There is always a category available that offers daily free previews of puzzles that are available in the upgraded categories.  The format has darkened silhouettes presented on the left  and an unopened present on the right.  Tapping on the present gives users the puzzles
pieces to fill in the darkened silhouettes.

Written by imspeech3