Winter 2017 App Recommendations

  • Posted On: 25th December 2017
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Hello All!

This winter season let’s talk about Direction Following.

There is an amazing choice of apps to stimulate auditory direction following skills with multiple modifiers and prepositions.  Some even provide background noise so that your child learns to concentrate on a primary message (auditory figure ground skills).  Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language and Auditory Development has a terrific App family.  There is a Listening Power App series which has three apps available at the pre-school level, the k-3 level and the 4-8 level.  Additionally, the ”Between the Lines “  series which does a wonderful job focusing on idioms, slang and body language for elementary and adolescent young people.

Several other auditory/direction following apps that should be explored are the infamous “Splingo’s Language Universe” by Macworld which can be used at a variety of levels. Directions are given pleasantly asking the child to move items reflecting spatial relations and concept understanding.   You can repeat them as often as necessary. It creatively sends a rocket ship to space as a positive reinforcement and last but not least is, “Auditory Workout” by Virtual Speech Center.  This app focuses on improving attention and memory and auditory processing of increasingly larger and complex auditory directions.  The background noise is changeable and the basketball reward game is offered at short intervals and is extremely motivating.  The graphics in this app are beautifully done and group sessions are available for family fun.

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Happy Winter.❄️❄️❄️

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