Spring 2018 App Recommendations

Hello All,
  And yes it really is spring and time for some new fun and educational apps to choose from.  The choices are many but the question remains, which ones are worth your time and money?
For 3-4 year Olds:
AlphaTots Alphabet
   Toddlers will learn the ABCs by “building” robots, “digging” for treasure and 26 other action verbs that help them guide through letters and sounds.  This app features fun activities, like alphabet sing-a-longs and an interactive tool that encourages kids to recite the ABCs on their own linking the symbol with the name repetitively in a creative manner. They will enjoy this app and so will you each time you play!
  This simple electronic matching game features 30 farm and safari animal cards to flip and match.  The app is terrific for developing concentration, memorization and cognitive skills and it rewards each match with the animal sounds and the animals even do a cool jiggle!  Best of all you can’t lose the cards..
Shape Builder
 If your child loves puzzles this next one is a find.  It is an interactive touch screen jigsaw puzzle.  Shapes snap into place with outlines of fruits, veggies, etc building vocabulary and fine motor skills while providing a wonderful sense of accomplishment.  When a puzzle is finished and the real image is revealed ,kids hear sound effects and a voice recording by a licensed speech pathologist that says the object’s name word.  Shapebuilder Lite lets you test the app for free.
Ages 6-8
Winky Think Logic Puzzles
   This app has logic puzzles ranging from simple matching to complex games with obstacles, mazes and multi-touch action.
It involves lots of thinking and done with you the conversation will result in excellent problem solving skills for your child.


Written by imspeech3