Fall 2018 App Recommendations

Fall is an exciting time to think about new beginnings.  This is not only true for school and backpacks, but for introducing new learning tools into your child’s life.

Educational Apps for children look like games but they are listed by the dozens in the education section of your devices’ App Store.  Choosing the valuable selections for that precious time is always a challenge.  Here are some worthy apps:

For Toddlers:
TocaBoca, a familiar name on this blog, now offers two wonderful new additions:
TocaBoca Life and TocaBoca City.  They both offer little ones the chance to expand language and vocabulary while manipulating characters alongside a family member who provides a modeling situation for sequence, advanced syntax and prepositions to enhance the language of an engaged toddler.  A worthwhile, age appropriate and fun task for your little one.

For Ages 8-11:
Dragon Box Element $4.99, available for iOS and Android teaches kids fundamentals of geometry via exploration with various characters and puzzles.
There are over 100 fun levels to play through which are both engaging and compelling.

Listening Apps (Hamaguchi)
Listening Grades 4-8 Lite .99
This is a ground breaking app which focuses on language processing and auditory processing skills.  Hamaguchi is well known for several other processing apps: Fun With Directions, for younger children, and Between the Lines Level 1 and 2 for slightly older children.  The Lite version allows you to experiment with this app before purchasing anything more expensive.  It is valuable for listening, inferences and social cues.

I will be lecturing on using Apps for Language Development with your Child in Woodcliff Lake, NJ in October.  Call the office for details.
Happy Fall!

Written by imspeech3