Spring 2019 App Recommendations

Hello All and welcome to SPRING


Today I am discussing your elementary aged children first because I am assuming an adequate reading level in the first two app recommendations:

1) Flow Free
This is an energizing puzzle game which begins simply utilizing spatial relations and logic challenging your child to move up the levels keeping the child interested in a wonderfully positive manner.  Never will they become bored.  This is a keeper!

2) Spell Tower
This cleverly designed app even allows early spellers to initially find their sight words or pick relevant classroom vocabulary and enjoy playing with words a as they move up a tower playing an engaging game at all different ability levels while providing positive academic enhancement.

For the PreSchoolers:

1) Daniel Tiger has caught my eye in a wonderful app  which uses trolley games, sing-alongs and a booth that explore feelings.  It is called, Daniel Tiger’s Grr-ific Feelings. It does an awesome  job with the subject of emotions for pre-schoolers.

2.  Monkey Pre-school Lunchbox
This fun app offers an introduction to letters, shapes, sizes, and puzzle solving positively reinforcing with stickers and engaging music.  Children will respond incredibly well to the clearly laid out format and bright colors. A crowd pleaser for sure!


Written by imspeech3