Auditory Processing Disorders (APD)

  • Posted On: 16th December 2020
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Today’s blog is going to discuss something that I am often asked about and that is being seen more clearly in these days of online learning.  That is Auditory Processing Disorders. Auditory Processing Disorders (APD) impede a child’s ability to manage information when they hear it.   The child has difficulty processing the auditory information and therefore it interferes with learning concentration and social interactions.  The symptoms often overlap with ADHD and or language based learning disabilities however, it can be diagnosed through the proper testing.

-Difficulty following conversations
-Impaired memory for song lyrics or rhymes
-Trouble expressing thoughts clearly

Treatment for Auditory Processing Disorders

The most common type of professional help for APD is Speech/language therapy which trains children in memory, and sequencing skills.  There are several appropriate apps that can be used in the therapeutic process as well.  Usually therapy is also extremely important to the child’s self image.  APD can be difficult to deal with.

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