App Recommendations for the Week of 3/3/2013

Hi All,

Two new App recommendations this week: LINGUA KIDZ: ages 2-4. This app offers two modes of play. Tap on the blue button and the narrator names the object or creature as it performs an action. Tap again and she offers a relevant short phrase. This app can be used to target location and descriptive concepts, sentence repetition and more. iLearn Solar System HD:Ages-5-10. The vocabulary ranges from simple to moderately difficult and the explanations can be complex. This app can be adapted to target descriptions, explanations, and concepts, Developer: cost-$1.99 Note: In March, Bergen Mama is running “Step Parenting” a terrrific parenting course. Contact them directly for more information.

Ilene M. Refkin, MA CCC Pediatric Speech Pathologist

Written by imspeech3