From the start I knew it was a good match. Ilene’s approach was the best I’d seen and I knew my child would be successful. We had taken her to other speech therapists and had seen very little improvement. After my daughter’s first session with Ilene she said “ I think she really knows what she’s doing…I like her”. My daughter recently graduated from the program and she didn’t want to let go of her farewell hug with Ilene. My daughter was so appreciative and grateful for the gift of correct speech that she’d been given and for the teacher that helped get her to the finish line.
– Shiri Redensky
There are no words that can really live up to what Ilene does.
She has so much patience and love for each and every kid she treats. She is truly amazing! My daughter has improved so much and it is all because of Ilene. Any kid who gets to work with her is really blessed!
 – Michelle Avin Wiesel

I have the privilege of working closely with Ilene and witness her strong dedication toward providing her students the utmost quality of care. She’s incredibly loving, supportive and patient when it comes to her students. She is always coming up with new, thoughtful and engaging activities to help her students and keep them motivated. She is very creative, knowledgeable and passionate about her work. Any child who gets to work with Ilene is blessed!

 – Rona Lotan

Ilene is wonderful and has a phenomenal rapport with my son. Over the course of 6 months of speech therapy, I have noticed a real difference in his pronunciation and even his willingness to try new foods. I can’t recommend her more highly!

– Erica Borghard

I have known Ilene Refkin, professionally, for many years. I referred my students to her in the past and now I bring my own daughter to work with Ilene. Ilene understands my child’s speech needs very well and has helped her make tremendous improvements!

– Allison Deutsch

My wife Lori and I cannot adequately express our gratitude and enthusiastic support for IM Speech and Ilene Refkin. Our daughter Lexi was diagnosed with severe Apraxia of Speech a few years ago, after we became aware of her extended expressive language delay. Since then she has been receiving therapy approximately 3 times a week at IM Speech from Ilene and the results have been nothing short of outstanding. Ilene is an extremely focused and dedicated therapist with a very special ability to keep children engaged in their therapy. It is a real tribute to her that Lexi still looks forward to every session, we could not be any happier with our selection of IM Speech!

 – Michael Ganz